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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been a key concern for Loxam. As such, ensuring a streamlined, and efficient environmental structure, recycling and reusing goods at the end of their life cycle and enforcing ethical guidelines are guiding principles that have formed the cornerstones of the Group over the last 50 years.

Yes, Loxam has always been concerned with environmental, social and societal matters. These beliefs, which have been securely rooted in the Group's make-up from the outset, come to life in the form of concrete day-to-day commitments. At Loxam, CSR is not just something we do, it is something we truly believe in.


Today, Corporate Social Responsibility is growing in importance in our company. This ethical approach, which first came about in the 1960s, came naturally at Loxam ever since the company was first set up. The very concept of rental solutions is directly related to the notion of sustainability. Furthermore, the Group is taking various initiatives to ensure operations are more controlled, sustainable and transparent.

This responsible commitment has been recognised with the award of two standards, ISO 9001 in 1997 and ISO 14001 in 2010, for the entire European network. The renewal of both standards in late 2015 confirms the company has a streamlined and sustainable structure and provides stringent and high-quality services. Loxam also had its MASE certification renewed, which is related to health management and workplace safety, for the entire Loxam Power network and all Loxam Access branches that work on sensitive industrial sites. The Group has holds VCA certification in the Netherlands. And this is what responsible rental is all about: an initiative that benefits everyone.


As a committed rental company, Loxam is keen to efficiency address its customers' needs. The Group strives to offer increasingly reliable and efficient equipment that meets market requirements. We are constantly working to improve daily operations ensuring the physical safety of users and employees is a priority for the Group. While employees learn about work safety in-house, Loxam's commitment to its customers is based on proactive initiatives to reduce and avoid occupational accidents while seeking to improve conditions.

As such, safety, which really matters at Loxam, relies on unwavering professionalism based on four principles:

  • Implementing technical procedures that apply to the entire Group with preventive maintenance, programmed revisions in branches and outsourced repairs;
  • Systematically inspecting equipment at the beginning and end of each rental;
  • Ensuring the traceability of maintenance, inspection and repair operations;
  • On-site call-outs 24/7.


At Loxam, safeguarding the environment is second nature. The company sorts waste, recycles machines at the end of their life cycle and limits the consumption of fossil fuels and water, among other things. And the results really do speak for themselves. In 2015, we saved 7% of fuel usage, recycled 1,500 tonnes of recoverable industrial waste, 216 tonnes of household waste and 38 tonnes of hazardous industrial waste. In addition to these initiatives, there are stringent technical directives for combating waste, maintaining equipment as well as limiting noise, dust emissions and so on. There certainly is no shortage of examples.

The Goods Recycling Depot, which has pioneered CSR matters, has seen the approach become increasingly professionalised. Based in Saint-Paterne near Alençon, France, the Goods Recycling Depot, since it was first set up in 1995, has been spearheading the Group's long-standing commitment and consolidated its willingness to always push the envelope when it comes to performance, safety and environmental issues. The site, which covers over one hectare, is tasked with managing the entire life cycle of the Group's machines, from purchasing them (preparation, visual identity, etc.) to recycling them, in accordance with stringent safety and environmental regulations. For example, Loxam is able to recycle over 90% of mini-excavator parts.


Loxam places particular emphasis on respecting and helping its customers. Informing customers about equipment-related risks, emphasising the importance of proper usage and helping customers so that they make the best use out of equipment over the rental period is a matter of simple common sense.

Within the Group, a stringent training policy as well as a Group training centre (opened in 2008 in Bagneux) enable employees to get more insight into their profession, keep them abreast of the latest developments as regards equipment for rental and grow within the company. In 2015, 40,500 hours of training were provided. It goes without saying that sharing know-how, maintaining good and healthy relations within the company and ensuring teams' well-being are critical for a Group that relies so heavily on its people for success.


CSR is also apparent in business matters. The irreproachable and respectful conduct which the Group expects from its employees is also essential in all other dealings with customers, suppliers and other third parties. Employees are required to follow some essential rules regarding healthy and local competition as well as professionalism under all circumstances, especially in terms of reliability and safety. Ethical guidelines outline the Group's values and key principles.


To maintain and consolidate its CSR commitment, Loxam became a signatory to the Global Compact. In signing the Global Compact, the Group has undertaken to implement, back and apply the Ten Principles related to Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption.


In 2015, the Group worked to improve its practices and found solutions that met the needs of its partners and employees. Following an in-depth evaluation by the worldwide leader in certification, SGS, with customers, suppliers, employees and other third partier, the policy implemented by Loxam as regards CSR and environment matters was rewarded in France with a level 3 (out of 5) performance certificate within the framework of the ISO 26000:2010 standard. The company's performance was deemed to be 'mature' according to the evaluation chart which focused on the 400 requirements evaluated.

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